Dedicated Employees = Top Quality Rubber

The team at Advanced Rubber Products takes pride in the work they do. Every custom molded rubber product is manufactured, inspected and packaged at an engineer’s workstation. They can see the product from start to finish and claim complete ownership, which promotes responsibility and accountability. ARP fosters a transparent working environment, in which employees are encouraged to voice their opinions and suggest ways we can operate more efficiently as a team.

When they walk into the factory at the beginning of each work day, ARP team members are met with a company bulletin board that features schedules, safety precautions and full business metrics. This board provides complete employee transparency. Employees are made aware of which workstation they are to attend to on that given day. This board also encourages employee feedback, comments and suggestions. For example, there was a case of one 6’3” machine operator who would have to repeatedly bend down over his table, causing uncomfortable stress on his back. He requested a workstation more suitable to his height and the ARP management team provided the employee with a new adjustable, ergonomically correct table that he could raise and lower.

Since Advanced Rubber Products promotes such a strong sense of ownership within our workforce, we thoroughly inspect each custom molded piece of rubber for any defects. Our employees are highly educated before coming on board with Advanced Rubber Products, which keeps our learning curves short and education costs low. We guarantee that every one of our customers receives their custom rubber products free of defects and imperfections.

ISO Certified

Advanced Rubber Products’s quality assurance is certified by the International Organization for Standardization, the world’s largest developer and publisher of voluntary International Standards. ISO certification ensures the highest quality of product and service, which minimizes costs and provides ARP with the necessary knowledge to meet and exceed customers’ specific requirements. You can view ARP’s certificate below, and for more information on ISO, please visit their website.

View our ISO certificate