Mission & Values

The mission of Advanced Rubber Products is to deliver quality custom rubber molding with prompt customer service at a cost savings. As a division of TMP Technologies, ARP is a pioneer in the rubber injection molding industry. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment to specialize in custom rubber products with value added through extensive design and manufacturing capabilities onto a variety of plastic and metal based materials.

We believe in delivering customer service that is prompt, polite and attentive. Every member of the Advanced Rubber Products team takes responsibility for their work, which always involves making sure that every customer is provided with high quality, custom rubber molded products. We encourage each employee to suggest new ideas and ways to save our company and clients time and money. Daily staff planning meetings are conducted to coordinate the activities of production, quality, engineering and purchasing for customer satisfaction. ARP allows decisions to be made much closer to the problem. This means empowering team members, allowing them to grow in responsibility in exchange for accountability.

The Advanced Rubber Products team can deliver the best custom rubber molding products at a cost savings. Our employees will assist you through every step of manufacturing, from design to inspection. ARP employees can help you decide whether your product is better suited for compression, injection or transmission molding and which type of rubber material your product calls for.