Rubber Solutions for Your Needs

Rubber has a great influence on the ways businesses and OEM’s operate. Custom molded rubber materials serve a variety of purposes, and can often mean the difference between life and death. Rubber respiratory safety masks for instance, need to be made 100% to specifications and be non-defective to properly function and withstand exposure to toxic chemicals and airborne contaminants. Advanced Rubber Products fully understands the importance of our customers’ rubber needs. Our team takes full responsibility for product reliability. For example, a polymer insulator, which costs less than $100 per unit, is designed to blow up and save a $15,000 transformer from destructing. If the rubber component fails to do its job correctly, the costs quickly grow.

Rubber is not only a cost effective means of protecting the most valuable parts of your business, it’s also one of the most pliable and durable materials. However, in the process of custom rubber molding, excess material is inevitable. With some smaller and more oddly shaped parts, it can be even more difficult to remove this excess material. Advanced Rubber Products uses the highly effective and precise process of cryogenic deflashing to remove unwanted or unnecessary rubber from custom molded components. The molded pieces are placed inside a chamber with a temperature of minus 60°F, making the excess material extremely brittle. The part is then bombarded with tiny pellets, removing all the excess rubber flash.

ARP understands the importance of your products and realizes that if an unexpected event occurs (i.e. extreme weather), you may need a large amount of custom rubber products in a short amount of time. This is why we maintain a well-organized warehouse with extra on-demand products. So if your business requires a large rush order, Advanced Rubber Products is able to fulfill your request at a moment’s notice. We will store your extra parts so you don’t have to. This is only one part of the rubber organization process at ARP.

Advanced Rubber Products ensures the exact specifications and quality of products with Julian Dates on their custom molded rubber products. As a “born-on date,” the numbers imprinted on our rubber products detail the date the piece was formed and inspected as well as a code for the rubber specifications used to create it. ARP’s Julian dating system is compliant with the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) strict regulations.

Choosing the Right Rubber