ARP Corporate Stewardship

On October 14, 2011, ARP welcomed the 8th grade students and staff from Wyoming Central School for a site visit as a part of their Career Day excursion. Bob Flowers, Vice President and General Manager, and Holly Mitchell, Production and Sales, began the day with introductory remarks regarding the history of ARP’s plant in the town of Wyoming, NY. The students were then taken on a plant tour to view ARP’s unique rubber contract molding processes up close. During the tour various manufacturing concepts were explained, giving students the opportunity to observe the lean manufacturing practices within each work center in the plant. Mr. Flowers and Ms. Mitchell encouraged interactivity in the day’s events by engaging the students in discussion regarding the specialized technological capabilities of ARP and the rubber molding industry. At the ARP facilities warehouse, the students were challenged to utilize their teamwork skills in a game that involved parts they had seen produced on one of the plant’s presses. After a few minutes of planning, the teams were timed as they transported a marble the length of the warehouse by successfully synchronizing their rubber "troughs" together before the marble hit the floor. The visit concluded with the students enjoying cider and donuts while listening to Mr. Flowers compare a student's responsibilities to that of an employee's in an organization like ARP, where values such as trust, honesty and teamwork are highly regarded and rewarded.